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      I bought a Macca album even before any Beatles' one. For me it was McCartney II, many others followed. 

      Music is one of my greatest passions. Each morning, when I wake up, in my mind there is a song I start singing. Most of the times is related to Paul solo career, Wings or the Beatles. I'm used to note them on a chalkboard. 

      On my way to work, I always turn on my car radio and believe me when I say that I'm used to listen at least one Paul's song everyday. Today, I finished singing Off The Ground refrain before getting off my car.

      To me Paul is a friend, a confidant, the voice of my heart that makes my soul vibrate.I really wish everyone to fall in love with music. As profoundly as only Paul McCartney allows me to do. It is an overwhelming, passionate listening.

      Maybe I owe to his music my good mood and my optimism. I always find in his lyrics words of encouragement and a drive to improve me, I feel that his music push me to care. And if we really are what we listen to, then there is a big piece of Paul in my soul.

      By the way, I'm Jenny. And I'm really pleased to be here.