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      B J Conlee wrote:

      Yankeefan2 wrote:

      This month is McCartney's classical music and it is not really my "cup of tea" -lol.

      Yea I saw it too Yankeefan.  Not my "cup of tea" either but I was surprised that they didn't include "Celebration" one of my all time favorite Paul melodies.  There are several versions of "Celebration" including the one done by Lang Lang at the White House show honoring Paul.  Not sure I have the name of the artist right but I remember seeing him perform the song and it was pretty good.  I also remember Elvis Costello performing Penny Lane.

      Man, that was over 10 years ago!! (yes,  Lang Lang is correct)


        I think this month  is his best selection of songs, I absolutely love the list. Songs like "How Kind Of You","Calico Skies", "Promise To You Girl", "Ever Present Past", Confidante", "Waterfalls" and "Great  Day" are some of my all time favorites.