Hi Mr. McCartney. I would like to know you someday. Thank you for everything.


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      Hi Paul. I am José Ignacio Donoso Fonseca and I am 14 years old. I do not know if you are going to read this someday. I am just a romantic boy, so my dream is to meet you someday, even if I know that it would be nearly impossible. I am from Quito, Ecuador, and I watched your NEW concert in 2014. I do not think that I will see you coming here again, because the country is so little, the pandemic alert will be active for some years and many other problems. I just wanted to tell how much I thank you and The Beatles. You have made my life and this World much more amazing, you have inspired me and filled me of peace and wisdom in several hard moments of my life. Thanks to your inspiration, I want to become a musician and have a band to express all that I want to say. I want to have music as my way of living. I am triying to learn how to play the guitar (even if it is hard) and I try to become a better singer (because I think I am good at that) because of what you made for me, because I love music and because I feel inside my soul that it is possible to take music as a way of living. Thank you for everything.

        Welcome here. Which instrument you wanna play?