50 Reasons We Still Love The Beatles’ Let It Be


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      50 Reasons We Still Love The Beatles’ Let It Be

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          ‘Let It Be’ at 50: why The Beatles’ swansong is a lesson in never looking back

            I remember reading a review of the album when it came out, describing the album as a "cheapskate epitaph". A trifle harsh, I thought. If it hadn't been for all the extraneous stuff going on, the Let it be album would have come out first, with some of the classic rock 'n roll songs and the full "Dig it" included, and probably minus the syrupy strings. The Let it be Naked CD set is a lot closer to that. At the end of the day, Let it be contains several classics which more than justify the selling price. Non-Beatlefans might also say "groups get tired of each other and split up - get over it !"