Dillon James Sings "Yesterday" on "American Idol'


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      I wonder if anyone here saw contestant Dillon James do "Yesterday" accompanied by his acoustic guitar on "American Idol" week before last. James is a charming androgynous looking young man from Bakersfield, Ca. who boasts a fairly unique sounding voice and has been touted as "the whole package" by some of the judges since he also writes original songs, and they're pretty doggone good. He sang "Yesterday" a little too fast and uptempo but his was an interesting interpretation and I love that he played it on the still popular "hot" show. Gave Macca  a nice shout out.  I think Dillon, also largely due to no doubt his heart throb effect on hordes of adoring young girls (like Macca's, as a young Fab and later) will wind up in the Top Two along with the exciting, rousing singer Arthur Gunn, perhaps. And that Dillon will win the whole shebang cause he's really "cute" LOL and young girl fans will boost him over the top, as often happens on "Idol." He's tall and lanky with long floppy hair, wears hippie looking jewelry, Western duds with the cowboy hat and boots, lots of "tats" on his chest, arms and hands and is known as "the spiritual Cowboy" cause he meditates, reminds one of a throwback to 1970's "sensitive singer/songwriters." He sounds like James Taylor when he talks. His speaking voice. He looks "pretty" in the face and seems non threatening as a male. Well, you probably know what I mean (?) re: his affect on young females. In that respect he reminds me of the very young McCartney also. Not that Paul  did not seem very masculine 'cause he did, in his way.

        I Googled him - pretty good performance! 

          Thanks, Nancy. Well, Dillon James made it to the "Top Seven" on "Idol," but now I'm not so sure, based on things I've read, that he'll be in the Top Two and even win. The Top 2 might prove to be Arthur Gunn and Jonny West. (The Top Five and the winner too will be revealed next Sunday.)  I'll miss the big finale show which was always  an extravaganza but can't be, this time, due to the dreadful scourge.  I'm thinking Dillon will still score a recording contract. His voice reminds me of the one hit wonder Terrance Trent ("Wishing Well") Darby's, it's full of pain and sounds much older than his years. His singing.  A few posters hinted they think Dillon's gay, which if true would only make him even more interesting to me.  He was crying, he's so sensitive, and said he "never really had any friends" until he met some on the show. He's been an actor in Hallmark t.v. movies,  including one with Dolly Parton.  I was ticked off that Sophia James didn't make the Top 7. I think she should have, instead of Louie Knight.  I enjoy her vocals more than his.  He does write songs, though, and is likeable and a transplanted Brit, from England to Philly.  And plays piano. 

            I think Arthur Gunn and Francisco Martin might land in the Top 2, with Arthur the winner as top Idol. They seem to favor louder singing voices this year.  I still think Dillon James might take the number three spot. Wish I could get feedback here from fellow watchers.  I couldn't get into The Voice this year; it seems rather charmless, compared to "Idol." Though I have enjoyed it somewhat in the past. I wish they'd start producing another "Idol" season as soon as this one ends...it's lifted my spirits and taken my mind off The Masque of the Red Death, some.