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      The story of the Pre-fab Four - Dirk, Nasty, Stig and Barry. The group that made the sixties what they are today. In October 2019 my wife and I saw the brilliant Bootleg Beatles in our home city of Manchester, England. The concert was introduced by Neil Innes who played Ron Nasty in the Rutles. Neil played some songs too and was very funny. Sadly he died two months later, leaving a long legacy of laughter and music. Neil also appeared in Magical Mystery Tour with his group, and his song I'm the Urban Spaceman became a UK hit (produced by Paul). All you need is cash featured Neil's brilliant parody songs, and the film was the perfect testament to his talents. 

        I love that movie, especially the bit with George Harrison where in the background Apple is being ripped off/burglarized! ūüėā

          There's that story, between filming outside the Rutle Corps office, a girl runs up to -- who she believes to be---Paul McCartney.  But  it's really Eric Idol in costume and makeup as the McCartney parody, Dirk.  This girl asks for Paul's autograph.  George Harrison in makeup and costume is watching this nearby and laughing because this girl thought Eric Idol was really Paul.