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Posted by dirkmcquickly

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      Hi !

      I'm gonna introduce a project I'm working on on spear time. I'm a huge fan of the all starr band of Ringo and I decided to create a database (a kind of dataviz) to have a better visualisation of the all starr and I hope it will be useful to some of you !

      I gather all the info I have with info on each show (a page per show), what are available on bootleg, Setlist, maps of the tour, Personal on each song, guest, promotion, extra info...

      maybe there are some mistakes, incorrect things, i try to correct.Feel free, to tell me what you think, if you spot some mistake, incorrect things or have additional things to add. I looking for anything that can help me complete my database, so feel free to contact me


      I hope you will enjoy !

        My wife and I saw Ringo and his band a few years ago and they were excellent. The most recent line-ups have people like Joe Walsh and Graham Gouldman, and there are some nice clips on YouTube.

        By the way, whatever Sir Ringo is on, is clearly working, and I wouldn't mind some myself !