Just Sam Wins American Idol 2020


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Posted by SusyLuvsPaul

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      )A petite Harlem subway singer with a Joan Armatrading hairstyle  called "Just Sam" (stage name) won season 18 of American Idol 2020 on the show's grand finale Sunday, beating out another favorite Arthur Gunn, who made it to number two.  As you might think, Samantha Diaz has a fantastic powerhouse voice which can also go subtle and sensitive and still make an impact.  I felt kind of dazed as many assumed Gunn would triumph and I supposed he would, while I also sort of hoped "spiritual cowboy" Dillon James might sneak up from behind and take all, since I like many of his original songs. Samantha's conquest of the title was a nice, refreshing surprise.  Girl power ! She was the only female in the top five.  She's got a lot of charisma along with the talent,  which should help make her a big star, if she can just get the right songs for her first single and album. I've a feeling American Idol judge Lionel Ritchie will help her with that !