Letter to Paul (from Paul Weller)


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        What a nice letter !  I'm not a fan of Paul Weller's music by any means, but his heart is in the right place. Paul McCartney is always up for supporting good charities.

          Some interesting parallels between them. Both generally scorned for what they did after the breakup of their phenomenally successful band. Style Council = Wings. Difference is Paul W believes more in his solo career and whilst he plays some Jam songs in his gigs, they don't dominate the set list.  

            Am I the only person, who can't open the link?

              British Moggy. who used to write copiously here about British music, especially fancied Paul Weller and Style Council and Jam--it was Weller Weller Weller seemed like constantly, though he did turn me on to other Brit artists too.  I liked some of Weller's stuff.  He didn't have nearly the overwhelming charisma and magic of Macca, though. Not to me. Seemed somewhat dour and even a bit grim, like the Oasis brothers, I thought, in comparison to Paul Mc. 

                russel99 wrote:

                Am I the only person, who can't open the link?

                I guess so - it still works for me. 

                  I liked some "Blur" songs and Blur didn't come across like sour pusses, but Macca still so much more sparkling and personable and charming  and wearing the purple robe and crown to me.