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      Dear All,

      I am having my first contact with this website today. What a pleasure the opportunity of getting to know Paul McCartney´s fans from other places around the world!

      I am an English teacher and academic coordinator in Brazil, where I live my 5-year-old twins and husband. 

      This coming week, Paul Mccartney will be celebrationg his 78th birthday...on Thursday, June 18th. Coincidently, on the same day I will have my last English class with 3 groups of 5th grade students before the vacation period. So, we have been planning a special class in which we will celebrate not just Paul´s b-day, but his talent and great career. Since March, we have been having our classes through distance learning on hangout.

      Now, the special request: is there anyone here who would be able and interested in participating in our classes? There will be 3 different moments (1 in the morning; 2 in the afternoon) that will last 45 min. each, but I would be grateful with a 10 min. participation in each. The idea is to surprise my students through providing them with the chance to talk to English speakers from other nationalities. 

      Looking forward to your answer.

      Thank you so much.

      Best wishes to everyone. :)


      P.S.: I have another email address: aaltonenelaine@gmail.com


        Hope it went well