Bovine leukemia virus linked to breast cancer


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      Just wanted to share this information so people can do their own research, and be aware when making their food choices.

      Scientific/medical reports below show evidence of a link between bovine (cattle/dairy) leukemia and breast cancer.    Link 4 below indicates after study, 92.4% of all dairy/cattle herds in the U.S. have at least 1 cow/bull with the leukemia virus.  There is concern when dairy products or beef is ingested it can get into the bloodstream and cause breast cancer, or the possibility of other cancers.  Whether the milk has been pasteurized or not doesn't seem to make a difference.






      Other major dairy producing countries that have not implemented large-scale eradication programs, including Canada, Argentina, Japan, and China, have also reported BLV prevalence in their dairy herds of 30-50%. In contrast, 19 member states of the European Union, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia have completely eradicated BLV from their dairy cow populations, and control programs are underway in the remaining member states of the EU resulting in an overall herd prevalence in the EU of less than one percent

      It looks like cheese imported from Europe, the UK (including Ireland) and Australia/New Zealand is safe to eat, but cheese from the U. S. and Canada is not.

      This is the best link of all for information about the Bovine Leukemia virus, from the University of Michigan


      This link, from above site, has numerous statistics and research, with concern about the U.S. Dairy Industry not doing all it can to eradicate it.