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Posted by Jock Tamson

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      With Glastonbury being cancelled this year, this weekend  the BBC have filled their schedules across their TV and radio stations and iPlayer with repeats and clips from previous years. Unless I've missed something (entirely possible), not once have they shown anything from Paul's iconic 2004 appearance there. This seems particularly strange given he would have been the headline act this year. Can any Brits on here confirm that I haven't missed anything. Or were the BBC not given permission to rebroadcast any of his set? Really ticked off about this apparent airbrushing out of Paul. 

        Paul wasn't shown this time, but I imagine with all the umpteen acts that have been filmed there over the years, it was probably difficult to choose which ones to fit into the schedules. Certainly I applaud the decision to show the full David Bowie set from 2000 and the Coldplay set from 2016, both of which were brilliant. 

          I agree that the Beeb had plenty acts to choose from - just found it strange that there was no room for the biggest rock star on the planet even amongst the 100 sets they had on iPlayer. With hindsight I actually wonder if there wasn't anything available from his 2004 appearance at his request rather than as a result of any BBC oversight. 2004 had Follow Me as an encore and he wore the No More Landmines  tee shirt. So perhaps it would have been too much of  a reminder of an unpleasant time in his personal life thanks to you know who?