Every song by The Beatles that John Lennon hated


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      Every song by The Beatles that John Lennon hated

        John was way too critical - some of those are my favorites like And Your Bird Can Sing, Eight Days A Week and It's Only Love. He mostly trashes Paul's songs, but a lot are his own! smh

          (Laughs) All those songs are great !  That was Lennon being subversive and perverse, in that certain mood of his, I think. And maybe he was too close to the songs to listen objectively. If the Fabs had appreciated their own work more and how fantastic it sounds and their being the first super star group, and all, they might have stayed together to discover what fabulous things they'd have come up with in the future. Damn if I would have quit THAT. They should have just taken a long break ! *sobs

            Agree! Like Paul sang, John "took his lucky break and broke it in two." 

              That's a bit much that John could "hate" the classic "Yesterday," LOL. Was he a bit jelly ? Or just running his mouth for the heck of it? He had quite the gift of gab. Maybe he was just being funny and witty in a snarky way. 'Cause it IS humorous, to hear him diss such jewels and gems. It's real funny in a way.

                John did love to run his mouth. He didn't have a filter. Hence, the Jesus remark that got him in trouble! 😂