Sky Orders Doc On John Lennon Murderer


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Posted by Nancy R

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      Sky Orders Doc On John Lennon Murderer


        Oh boy. Oy. You'd anticipate seeing that as much as watching a movie about Donald Trump after being tormented by the latter by four (I hope it's just four) straight years. (I read they'll probably make a movie about Trump and someone wants Jeff Bridges to star. I sure hope Bridges would say "Hell, No.") There's no earthly reason to drag us all through this utter nightmare like that.  And also, that's what the killer wants. The spotlight. I remember a movie about him starring Jared Leoto which absolutely no one wanted to see.

          Definitely have no interest in his getting a chance at fame. Is there a petition or someone we can write, about what a bad idea this is, giving this jerk any moments in the spotlight!

          Jerk of all jerks

            Yeah, I agree! And why is his name even being mentioned? That is a big no-no on any Beatles-related forum.