The Beatles and the Sxxxal Revolution


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      The Beatles and the Sxxxal Revolution

        Great article - never heard anyone bring up those points about their songs before! ūüĎć

          The Beatles music has had overwhelmingly positive effect on the world, which is more than can be said for the so-called sexual revolution, which has led to a rise in one-parent families, and a rise in numbers of people living on their own. Women have less freedom than ever, hence the need for the MeToo movement. The Beatles loved music of all types - they loved the Miracles and the Everlys as much as the girl groups. As writers, they wanted to be the next Goffin and King. Their success coincided with societal changes, and for me personally they were two different things. I love the music but their lyrics have never influenced my attitudes. They just made great records which will live forever. This is just a personal view.

            Once they hit it really, really big the Beatles didn't have to lift a finger to get girls. They were inundated with girls (that's why John said he wanted to be a big star in the first place). They could have sang "Under My Thumb" type lyrics all the time with blatantly misogynist lines and still got the girls. They didn't have to come across overly macho and swaggering, they could just be themselves. Good thing 'cause the Beatles "weren't a serious band" according to Paul, they were hedonistically motivated, just wanted to have fun. They had fun working hard at their music but had they not they wouldn't have done it. They showed a way to live life having fun.  They didn't want to have to work at getting the girls except roundabout through their music. They were a bit lazy that way, just let the girls come to them.