AN ANNOUNCEMENT - August 26, 2020


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      John Lennon's killer , now 65, is denied parole for the 11th time 40 years after the murder.

      And now back to the music

        no one cares about that idiot. why even say his name.

          As it should be.

            Thank you Mod for fixing the original post and title! 

              Wish they would never post anything about him, well maybe his passing. He admitted he wanted fame. He  doesn't deserve any mention. 

                Eff him! Never mention his name.

                  I don't even let my friends say his name either!!  

                  Wonder how you could get the word out to the media to stop saying his name or even commenting on parole.  None of these killers should get their names mentioned or photos in the paper either. Just refer to them as killer of Sharon Tate for example. Don't make a cult figure out of them that way.  Maybe the media would  be more receptive these days... met a guy in a pub who thought a sicko killer was cool. That's why they need to ban this negative loser publicity!