Beware of downloads. No response from Paul McCartney’s teams


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Posted by Nancy R

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      Unfortunately Paul McCartney's team is non-responsive to customers who pay for downloads. It's been months and no one is responding from his team. UMG, who handles the e-commerce will stonewall you and let you know that it's not their responsibility. Oddly enough they have no contact information for Paul McCartney's standard website. After months of patiently waiting, now they tell me I can't even return the album that included the downloads that aren't available.  If you expect to get downloads, don't bet on it.

        You're talking about trying to download albums/deluxe sets that came out several years ago, right? There is a huge thread devoted to this on the maccaboard.paulmccartney.com forum. In fact there's several threads: technical difficulties, Digital Downloads - Is the redeem button broken, etc. The thing only works for the most current release, like Flaming Pie, which I just downloaded. Well, all but one section downloaded (there were 5 sections)  I know, this is ridiculous and unacceptable, but nobody ever gets an answer - many people have complained for about 4 years to no avail. 😢