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      I would have liked to have changed my "nic" here to one of these:  Sexy Sadie, The Sun Queen, Lovely Rita, IAmTheKittyKat, Mama Miss America,  She's a Woman, Long Tall Sally,  Devil In a Blue Dress, Runaround Sue, Polythene Pammy,  MichelleMaBelle, Tasteless Honey,  Lady Madonna,  Heartless In the Country, She's A  Blue Bird,  Prance Til We Cry, 2 Mince Pies,  Sun Is Whining,  Honey Don't,  Sassy Ruffles, Ticket to Deride, Wild Honey Pie, The Tight Album,  RedRoseSpeed No Way,  Silly Luv Songs, Baby's In Black, Kiss of the Butterfly Woman,  MaGill Lil , 

      Paula McCartney,  Not Such A Bad Girl,  My Funny Valentine, Driving Pain 


      Rockabilly Millie 




        Or:  Bungaloe Billie, Seaside Woman, Dear Tomboy, My Koala, Little Woman Love, No Other Baby, Mary Little Lamb 

        Peace Pipes Pippy, The Other Me, Jenny Hen Party, No More Lonely Frights, Funk Not Junk, Fuh You Blue, 

        Flowers in the Dirt Gertie, This One, Honey Won't, I Am Your Swinger, My Fave Face, The Girl Is Mine, Glam O'Rama

        Lay, Lay, Lay, Rammette, Mambo Jammy, Wild Cherry Moon Delight, Wings Mild Strife

        "SusyLuvsPaul" was my first thought...sounds so teenybopper...they wouldn't let me change it 

          Or:  Help! I'm a Loser

          Martha My Dear, Miss Kite, O'Darling, Happiness Is a Warm Pun,  Strawberry Yields, Peach in the Neighborhood

          Penny Lane,  This Bird Can Sing, I'm a Bluebird, Fish & Finger Pie, Even Hate My Rock n' Roll

          Pipes of Peace Pippie, Acid Rain, Paperback Writer, OOOOh You


            Susy, you have WAY too much time on your hands! 😂

            I guess your only solution would be to start a new profile since you can't change the one you have. 

              LOL, Nancy, I've noticed your invisible mind is here quite often, too !  I like to play word games sometimes. "I can't sleep, I can't stop my brain"--

              More nics I might fancy:

              The Boy Is Mine, Let It Be Me, Hay Judy, Good Ray of Sunshine, I Wanna Hold Your Cellphone

              Dear Prune Pudding, Lucy on the Fly With Rubies,  Little Willow, We Can Twerk It Out, Get Fatback, Magical Mystery Me,

              Jealous Gal  

              She Lusts After You, Yeah Yeah Yeah 

                We  Can Twerk It Out  LOL  that did make me giggle Susy. and your  dancing  blue Paul Pepper!

                  Ever Pleasant Blast

                  Miss Bellamy

                  Hell On a Monday

                  Stroll Angel Stroll

                  Promise To You Boy

                  Prance in Moonlight

                  Aunt Alberta

                  Let 'Em Sin

                  Tragic Magic

                  Girls School 

                  Follow Me

                  London Townie 




                      Vidalia Onion

                      Whatever Gets U Thru Yer Plight

                      Your Lovin' Flame

                      Long Haired Lady Bug

                      Blue Jay No Way

                      Cold Turkey

                      Oh Doe Doe

                      Sea of Grass

                      Me & My Monkey

                      The Ballad of John and Susy

                      Queer Friend

                      Let It Pee Pee

                      Dear Joy

                      Famous Groupie

                      Dance Til We Fly

                      Maybe I'm Just Dazed

                        Junk in the Trunk

                        The Lengthy & Twisty Street

                        I Am The Cat

                        House of Wacky

                        Got 2 Get U Into My Strife

                        So Badly

                        "Something" Fishy

                        Eat In Rome

                        The Lovely Linda

                          Hey Puppy Dog

                          Hay Bullfrog

                          Scoff the Groundless

                          Maybe I'm Just Crazed

                          I Am Your Swinger

                          Sweet Banana

                          Ally Gator

                          Hosanna Anna


                            That I thought up and wish I had for my nic here instead of SusyLuvsPaul

                            Cook Of the House

                            Gimme Some Proof

                            Two French Fries

                            Hey, Bulldog

                            Hey, Dingbat

                            Average Person

                            Jam On

                            Plastic Flowers in the Dust

                            My Monkey

                            Sun is Whining

                            Screw You Oooh You

                            All You Need is Lust

                            Boris Muse & the Cooked Goose

                            I Won't

                            That Would Be Nothing


                            Mommy Miss Russia

                            Off the Coffee Grounds

                            Pussy Willow

                            Pearl of a Girl

                            My Guitar Gently Creaks 

                            Back in the Back Seat of My Car 

                              Medicine Jar Head

                              Coming Up Pumpkins

                              The Walrus Is Paula

                              Venus and Stars

                              Vintage Clones

                              Little Lamb

                              Everyone Knows Her as Susy

                              Helen Wheels

                              Hell on Wheels

                              New Siam Mam


                              Little Woman Love

                              The Walrus Was Susy

                              Single Pigeon

                              Hey Diddle

                              Baby Face

                              San Ferry Anne

                              Ms. Vandebilt

                              Only One More Diss

                              Last Indian on the Sun

                              Loup da Loop

                              Black Birdy

                              Titanium Jam

                              Suzzy & Da Red Stripes

                              McCartney Rose


                                2 Many Persons

                                With a Little Lust

                                Play, Play, Play

                                High High High

                                Big Barn Betty

                                Some Peeps Never Know Anything

                                "My Lover"

                                Band Aid 4 Fun


                                Listen 2 What Da Woman Said

                                Junior's Farm Aid

                                Stupid Luv Ditties

                                The Planet Today

                                  That Wasn't Me

                                  The Dustbin Kid

                                  Johnnie Bee Good

                                  Gone Troppo

                                  Gone Loco

                                  The Angel's Radio

                                  It's Only Lust

                                  Rupert the Hog

                                  We're Open & Tight Tonite

                                  Gliding 2 Jaipur

                                  Miss Lonely

                                  Rinse da Gum Drops



                                    Gone Boho

                                    Beautiful Girl

                                    Mind Games

                                    Kiss and Pout


                                    Nowhere Girl

                                    Give Peach a Glance

                                    Don't Make Me Frown

                                    Number 9 Dreamer

                                    Nobody Scold Me

                                    You're Gonna Lose That Boy

                                    We're Open Tonite 4 Fun 

                                      Git On da Bright Thang 

                                        Mama's Little Girl

                                        Meter Maid

                                        Meat Free Fun Day

                                        Miss Mamunia

                                        Let It Be Naked

                                        Sally G.

                                        Warm and Beautiful

                                        Linda Louise

                                        Goldie Slumbers

                                        Dustbin Lydia

                                        The Other I Me My

                                        Lindy Anna 


                                          Fish and Finger Pie

                                          ----that's a naughty one (laughs)--actually several are a bit naughty (blushes)

                                            SusyLuvsPaul wrote:

                                            Git On da Bright Thang