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      Recent interview with Youth on his work with Paul. 

      E&D: You’ve worked with so many people over the years. How was the experience of working with Paul McCartney on the Fireman project?

      Youth: Oh, it was incredible. Another defining moment.

      E&D: How did that come about?

      Youth: They approached me to do a remix which then turned into an album and then became a band, and it was a great honour and a great privilege. I’ve been listening to a lot of Beatles recently. I can’t believe the genius in that band. The writing quality between him and Lennon was outstanding. His own writing, of course is incredible too. When I was working with Paul, I was taking notes. I was really paying attention.

      E&D: Is there a possibility you will do anything with him in the future?

      Youth: Everything’s possible!



        Really enjoy the Fireman music and watching it develop over the years.  Interesting to see what Youth has been doing musically.