3 hours of Unpublished Paul music at Stella Fashion Show


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      New music by Paul McCartney resonates at Milan Fashion Week. The Italian fashion week is enlivened by pieces signed by the historic English singer-songwriter former Beatles. In particular, Paul's songs resonate in the environments of his daughter Stella, who wanted to give fans a sort of family reunion, allowing her guests to also appreciate the works of her mother Linda.Among the photos of Linda and the exclusive previews of Stella's new collections, unpublished songs by Paul McCartney also pop up in the pavilions of the designer in Milan. And this is not just music, but three hours of unreleased instrumental songs. At the moment it is neither purchasable nor usable through the web. It can only be heard at Stella's events in some European boutiques.

        She had Transpiritual Stomp playing once with some models.  It was a good combination