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      2004 WEBSITE MESSAGE 27.02.2004

      Hi there,

      Well here we are already in February 2004 and the year is flying past. How has it been for you so far? Hope you are all having a good time out there in Cyberspace. Heather and I have been busy with our lovely baby Beatrice but we still had time to think up lots of surprises, watch this space.

      The first bit of news is that Harvey Weinstein, Miramax and I are releasing a selection of my Animated Films called Paul McCartney: The Music And Animation Collection, which will be a special DVD package for all you animation fans young and old alike, so look out for that in the shops soon.

      I know there has been lots of talk about more concerts…Keep that chat coming and we will see what happens!

      We are also working on a book about our experiences on tour, which talks about all the madness and happiness of being on the road over the past two years – definitely not to be missed – will let you know when and where to get that soon.

      For now it’s back into the studio to do what I love best!

      All the best for a peaceful and happy 2004,

      Paul, Heather and family.