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        Too bad there wasn't a current pic of her.


          Yoko Ono slows down as she hands over business interests to her and John Lennon's son

            The idiots at the Daily Mirror can't even get Sean's middle name right! 

              I saw a current photo of Yoko being pushed in a wheelchair. I recall seeing her in a wheel chair, too, at the Women's March four years ago. She's 87 ! That's getting up there !  I wonder if a "bio pic" will ever be filmed of her life. If so it would be rather bittersweet for me to watch, because, as Paul once said, I don't get much pleasure from her work--and I've sometimes  wondered what John Lennon would have been like, what he would have done and become, if he had never met Yoko.  And fallen under her  avant guard, social activist and sexual spell and influence... I've read she introduced him to heroin (don't know if that's really true, though). We'd have to see John being shot and killed on the big screen, if it showed that.  I suppose she isn't sufficiently musical to have her own Freddy and Elton-like movie on the big screen? Yet her life isn't exactly run of the mill, sort of ordinary. Madonna's penning her own bio pic along with screenwriter Diablo Cody. Big vanity project, or kind of spellbinding Elton and Freddy-like movie experience?  Paul's Broad Street movie has been called a "vanity project" and Paul Simon's movie. I don't think that's entirely fair.  A few years back, Ono said she was writing her autobiography. Maybe that will never appear. It  might be interesting, though, I think. Her take on it all. Unless her artistic ego overcame her and she showed everything in a better light regarding herself than it really happened.