What was the problem with Paul's last LA gig?


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Posted by Nancy R

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      In his new interview with BBC 6Music, Paul says that at their last show (before the lockdown) at LA Dodger Stadium, they "didn't have a very good night"? Anyone know what that's about?

        I wondered that too.

        Perhaps it was just a few issues on stage that the audience would not have noticed.

        I play in a couple of bands myself, although obviosuly not anywhere near the same scale, haha!, but sometimes someone in the band will make a mistake, and the audience will have no idea, as long as we carry on and that the mistake wasn't too obvious.

        With the Dodger Stadium show it could have been any number of things, especially with it being an outdoor show. Perhaps some strong winds hitting the stage, poor sound from the monitors on stage, etc... 

          I didn't reply to this because it was being discussed more than a week ago in another thread and I asked this to be merged with it, but it wasn't. 

          We said that Paul was misquoted. If you listen carefully to the interview, he says "we did have a good night." So, nothing was wrong with the L.A. gig at Dodger Stadium.