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      Hello MaccaBoard!  I am a huge Paul McCartney fan from his time with the Fab Four through his solo material and can’t wait for his upcoming McCartney III album.  I am a Maryland native and a college student at Franklin & Marshall in Pennsylvania taking an introductory anthropology course.  In this class, we have been assigned to do research on an online community and I was hoping to engage with members of this group.  I seek to find out how the current global pandemic has shifted and changed the way the Paul McCartney fan base interact and engage with each other and how it has impacted your shared love of Paul without the benefit of live performances and in person experiences?  Since I am so passionate about Paul McCartney and music in general, this is a very exciting project for me to undertake and would greatly appreciate anyone willing to chat with me about how social distancing has affected your personal fandom and the community as a whole and about Paul’s music in general.  All interactions and messages I receive will remain anonymous when I present my findings and my research will only be shared with my professor and fellow students (in no way will this be published).  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wonderful community and I look forward to sharing insightful and meaningful conversations about music appreciation during a pandemic together.