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      Hi to everyone! I have a question for you. What device do you prefer for music listening? Not so long time ago, I discovered the perfect quality and fantastic atmosphere when listening to vinyl.What is your experience with this?

        CD's. All my vinyl has been stored away for the last 33 years. I keep thinking about getting them out again and giving them a spin (I assume my record deck will still work?) but then I remember all the flaffing about dusting them before each play. A tip: don't let sunlight show up the surface of vinyl otherwise you'll be cleaning the record for hours. 

          Ah! You are absolutely right about dusting off them every time before turn on. Thanks for the advice!

            Yes, vinyl record albums have to be kept perfectly clean and dusted. And if they get any scratches on them--yikes ! Ouch ! Forget about a fantastic listening experience then !

              I play LPs and 78s on a record player, CDs and digital files on a CD player, and everything loaded onto my phone in the car.  It all sounds good.  Other than those files I illegally downloaded off Napster at 5bps back in the last millennium.