2020 Merchandise - Flaming Pie, Mc I, Grandude and Xmas


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Posted by Nancy R

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      I rarely say a bad word about anything but...

      For those of us that eagerly awaited Flaming Pie merchandise with reissue release, to see it in the online store was thrilling.  Jumping on it right away, and realizing WOW McCartney I, Grandude and Xmas items too.  Christmas came early.  That was Sept 22, 2020, and no one (i have checked with several others like myself that jumped on and ordered various items) has got any of their items.   Not even an email about indicating a delay.  Just a sad "in-process" notice on the link to check your order online.  

      Fast forward to now to today, Nov 27, 2020 to see Black Friday sales on items that have not even been fulfilled from their initial debut on the Merchandise store from www.paulmccartney.com in late September.  66+ days ago.  

      Not even sure how to go about submitting a inquire to this.  It's poor business IMO.  I can sympathize with delays with COVID, manufacturers, and shipping.  But this almost feels like fans have been taking advantage of slightly. 

      I take full responsibility in order quickly and not waiting for a potential sale.  But I did not expect, nor was I alerted to such incredible delays.  Now to be sitting here seeing "in-progress" and a sale on the same items is    

      Stay safe and take care 

        It took nearly 2 months, but I got the Grandudes Rule! t-shirt I ordered. Hang in there!