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Posted by SusyLuvsPaul

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      MdDonald's fast food joint is going to roll out a veggie burger called "The McPlant." I fondly recall their short-lived veggie "McLean Burger" of many years ago that I thought tasted so good.  High hopes for the McPlant, that it will also be tasty and will last.  My local Mickey Dee's might not carry the McPlant, but the old county seat town ones will.  I used to go to my local one just to get oatmeal and salads (none carry salads anymore !!), non-meat items. Ironically, they featured Macca songs fairly often on their in house music loop...he wouldn't fancy that...

        Actually, the "McLean" burger wasn't veggie, though it did contain "sea weed"--it was "low fat." Low fat beef. I didn't remember correctly, it was a pretty long time ago. In the mid 90's.

          Don't know if there is a Wegmans Grocery store in your area Suzy. If there is... They have the yummiest Mushroom Burger.  The Wegmans brand has 4 different veggie burgers using different grains and other assorted veggie mixtures.  My favorite tho is the Mushroom burger which is all Organic and contains Millet, Mushrooms, Lentils, Carrots, Sunflower oil, Black Rice, Potato starch, Flaxseed,  Onion,  Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic, Basil and Thyme.  Soooooo Good!!!  I especially like these because I don't like to eat too much soy.

            Thanks for info ! There isn't one...maybe I can order some online...