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      Dear Paul & All...

      A Poem for You...

      Grateful by Mariah Dawn Shepherd 

      When dreamworld’s dreams are calling/When the outside world seems appalling/When gentle folk wish you well/When there isn’t much for you to tell/I’ll find a way to make life swell/Where our hearts a-million dance and gel/In harmony with the all/That's when our visions call/To bring together something grand/To shine together brightly, stand/ In time we’ll eventually know/Together was when we let our love show/Now’s time for our kindness and joy to grow/Grateful for you, that’s all I need you to know...

      Thank you for letting me share my poem. I’m a 28 years young singer-songwriter, musician, poet and artist hailing from Southwestern Indiana. Paul is one of my biggest influences and I’m grateful for the inspiration he has inspired in my heart. If you’re reading this, I’d like to say thank you for helping make the world so much better of a place. May the heart of life keep you in thriving optimal health, happiness and overall wellbeing.

      Well Wishes & Kindly - Mariah Dawn Shepherd