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      As insanely impossible as this probably is, how do I get a message to Sir Paul McCartney asking him if he'd send my dad a message for Christmas? My dad went into hospital yesterday afternoon and it's the fourth time this year he's been in hospital. he's extremely depressed and I'm reaching out to a few of the people he's idolised his entire life.



        So sorry to hear about your dad, Matt. The only thing I can think of is to tweet Paul about him. However, unfortunately, the chances are slim to none that he'd ever see it, but you never know! 

        His twitter is @PaulMcCartney. MPL also has a # you can text him at: 212-313-9547. 

          I got a Christmas text/pic from Paul (MPL) today! 

            This is what my son made for me and framed for Christmas:

            My daughter got me the DVDs "Looking For Lennon" and "An Accidental Studio" (about George creating Hand Made Films) Mom got me the James Patterson book "The Last Days Of John Lennon."