Any advice on tracking down a Freshen Up tour (gig) poster from the Dodger Stadium show?


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Posted by love2travel

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      Hi everyone! For the Freshen Up tour I understand they made limited edition posters for each venue. I'm trying to track down one of the L.A. ones as a gift to a friend (the Dodger Stadium show in 2019). There's someone selling it on ebay for $999 but that's outside my budget. If anyone has any tips, it'd be appreciated. Thanks!

        Im not sure if this is what you are looking for? 

        Freshen up Tour Poster

          $999.00 on eBay is incredibly excessive.  I purchased a Freshen Up Glasgow poster on there for less than $100.00.  I would keep checking eBay as new items are listed constantly.  Good luck.

            Perhaps you could go to a type of store that can make an enlarged photo and have it put on poster paper. 

            Copy a Hi resolution photo.  It’s not like you are going into business making them. It’s a one off for your friend.