Beatles sewing pattern from 1964


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      Haven't seen this one before, but it was selling on an auction site for $50!!

      Guess it would be a good costume for a FanFest or concert or something.... personally i'd rather wear a copy of Patty Boyd's Indian dress (from when they all visited the Maharishi) as a Beatles costume... if you had to wear one, lol.


        Or a costume party on the theme of the Sixties.

          Beatles Fabric Dresses, made in Holland and sold worldwide, 1964.  I like the pink one the best.

            My grandmother sewed a lot of my clothes - how I never ended up with one of those, I'll never know! 😂

              Nancy R wrote:

              My grandmother sewed a lot of my clothes - how I never ended up with one of those, I'll never know! 😂

              They probably weren't in children's sizes.  But your grandmother could have probably made some alterations!

                This is a photo of the original post above... for some reason after 30 days or so any photo copied from Instagram disappears... there's some kind of a hidden code/timestamp in their photo links

                  These are fabric pieces of the pink dress, recently for sale on Ebay for $375... back in 1964 looks like girls just bought the 4 pre-cut pieces as a set, and sewed them together.  (Back same as front)  It appears they're only in one size (probably an 8 or 10 US) so if a girl was "full figured" or "pleasingly plump" it might not have been the right dress for her.... but could have worked for an 8 year old, with alterations of course

                  Image 11 - BEATLES DRESS MATERIAL 2 Pieces Original HOLLAND Super Rare x 2 PINK DRESS


                    So cool to see the dresses! Really liked the Yeah Yeah Yeah pattern. Rather strange to see a trousers option as women didn't really wear trousers back in 1964.  They must have put that in because of the BeaTles. Trousers and jeans were not allowed in High School and schools in general, until 1971.  The dresses had to be no higher than mid knee, or else, you were sent home. Women could wear capri pants with a blouse and a triangle scarf in their hair.  Mostly it was shirtwaist dresses. Just check out Leave it to Beaver or Ozzie and Harriet on the ME channel. That was about it, very retro and that fashion is back now. It's pretty cool!  Vintage clothes...