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Posted by Nancy R

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      Good Beatles quiz here http//uDiscover.lnk.to/BeatlesQuizTDIM

        I scored 90, having missed the question about being back ups. The correct answer didn't jive with my recollection of stage names.

          10/10 · Scored 100%

            wingsdgm:10/10 · Scored 100%

            Me too!

              Nancy R:

              wingsdgm:10/10 · Scored 100%

              Me too!

              ...see WE know our STUFF..

                10/10 · Scored 100%

                Result: uDiscover ranking: World Tour Stadium Headliner

                Wow, top score. You?re top of your game and the musical equivalent of a world tour stadium headliner. You know your Beatles and it's ?Strawberry Fields Forever? all the way for you!!

                That was pretty easy, but I guessed the one about the Cavern Club. I have no idea what date it was.



                    I missed 2 questions!