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      Article I  We are living proof God shows unconditional compassion for compassionate non-believers and grants mercy to misfit creatures great and small.  The maestro God is a humble genius.  God is an inalienable, benevolent God; to be in the likeness of the Lord mankind shall manifest noble hippocratic valour. Honour is justice prudence temperance fortitutde; mankind's sin is  cruelty, cowardice; infringement upon civil liberties.  There will be due process for taxationn without representation; parity and social justice for all.

      ARTICLE  II  The Lord is a sovereign landlord; sometimes the Lord must be vigilant about compassion; henceforth civil rights. The wrath of Mother Nature is intended to huble and purge mankind of its petty cruelty. The wrath of Mother Nature:  deluge pestilence famine plague; corresponds in counterpoint with mankind's petty cruelty;  war genocide holcaust apartheid.  Providence the wrath of Mother Nature eclipse mankind's righteous cruelty until all men are treated equal in a democracy.  Apocalypse through laughter through tears a brave new world will emerge.

      ARTICLE III Exodus the innocent shall inherit the earth time immemorial.  The Lord and Savious magnanimously greets unitarian, compassionate agnostics and misfit creatures into His sovereign Kingdom of Heaven; peace on earth goodwill toward mankind.  On this annual Day of Jubilation August 13, 1965 the pursuit of Enlightenment; carpe diem.

      Rabbi Emanuel.