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      Well, I went to see my old schoolmaster

      newton, he wouldn't seem to give a care

      I went to tell sister mary mary

      when she took me by the hand

      and said the sooner the better

      lazy sunday afternoon

      surrey somerset tea for two

      oh darling, tell me why can't we be together

      there's no need to wonder why

      because she said

      the sooner the better

      mister postman

      please deliver my letter

      meter maid she said

      the sooner the better

      B.O.A.C. the sooner the better

      boys, time to fly right

      better straighten up and fly right

      somersault yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah

      my first cigarette

      finchly suffragette

      love fifteen

      debenture obscene

      she's sixteen

      now you know what I mean

      see how she runs

      see how she flies

      one thousand dances

      across the holy land

      let's scooter 'round charing cross to camdentown

      a cellarful of noise

      roll over, sweet thin lizzie

      watusi all night

      shine a light

      shine a light

      shine a light