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      Prelude to a kiss the little prince

      riding upon a star tripping moonbeam

      messiah ascendent stigmata descendent gingerly

           arrested development

      premonition of the chosen one

      calliope carousel carnival fairground

      chelsea gypsy emerald amulet

           Enchanted scullery maid sojourn livitation

      iridescent prism incandescent free will

      prodigal metamorphosis constellation polaris

      indelible fresco seraph spectral sapphire eyes

      time space continuum celestial hologram

      father noel in disguise cloak and scythe

      battles phantom of the paradise

      -strength, honour and glory agnus dei seize the day

      righteous to the hilt!

      -O blithe spirit, on a flight of fancy.

      Ask, and ye shall receive.

      Sea of tranquility siren song she's a free radical.

           Presto!  Blessed miracle suddenly a divine

      gossamer feather magically falls from grace

      incorporeal crash landing

      inside quiescent fair maiden eternal slumber

      chrysalis vessel vestal changeling

      elysian transmigration tale of the monarch

      silver cloud kneeling mascot

      vesper wings charing cross

      cathedral sanctuary harpsichord symphny

      ode to lady morphine valley of the queens

      thin lizzie

      I'm eighteen

      I can see

      I can see

      I can see