Stoked to see Paul again in Oakland on Mothers Day!!


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      The last time I saw Paul was in Anaheim, when I was 15, on Nov. 15th, 2015.

      It was a lifechanging performance, as I have always loved the Beatles. 

      As life takes us all in many ways, as a 15 yr old kid, I never imagined I go into the military, than into cooking. As such, I have 14 tattoos, and I would love to get Paul McCartney to sign my arm to get it tattooed.

      I have a HotSeat ticket package (My first time, and also going alone, so I'm a bit nervous/ introverted about this whole thing)


      Any  advice on how to get my 15th tattoo??


      Thanks in advance, and if anyone is going to be at the May concert, let's hear it in the comments :)