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      Piper band meet the lonely heart again

      sherman tank keep rollin'

      they say stagger lee killed a fascist

      with a machine

      tahiti guru carry gift of the magi home

      mother goose propaganda manifesto

      duck walkin' goose steppin' sheep

      chelsea trainspotter nottingham refugee

      tiny marching band on the run

      revolution it's a holiday theme

      remember war is over

      remember war is hell

      remember war is cheap

      time of the season

      time to be the change

      mata hari she took my name

      doppelganger tennis fame

      crossroads seize the day

      leap year stamp act

      keep off the grass

      catcher in the rye

      ides of march

      cosmic ricochet

      shanghai surprise

      see how she runs

      see how she flies


      in a cellarful of noise

      watusi to the hilt

      shine a light

      shine a light

      shine a light

      elementary wordsworth

      NATO on the line

      George V


      pepperland sleight-of-hand

      martini and rossi

      baccarat casino

      black tie red carpet

      splendid hermes anarchy

      divine bathhouse inferno

      with eight arms to hold you

      turn me on agent of fortune

      mistletoe on boxing day

      karma it's a merry dream

      -operator mar-a-lago

      Moscow calling ...

      Moscow calling ...

      Moscow calling ...