? for people who have attended this tour.


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      Does Paul say "See you next time" or anything similiar at the end of this concert? Might  be a clue to his future plans.

        He did say it at the end of the Spokane show. I do not know whether he said it at the subsequent shows.

          Also in Seattle... He said... Both Shows...


            Funny.  Last night I was watching the Rock Show DVD mostly shot in Seattle, I think, and he said that in1976. I wondered then. how many saw him in1976 and then again in 2022.  Nice to know he is still saying it. 

              I think he has ended every show I have ever seen by saying it 

                Said it for both Oakland shows.

                  K wrote:

                  Said it for both Oakland shows.

                  Actually last night in Oakland, he hastily said "See you on the next tour

                    It's how they cue the confetti at the end.