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      Since Paul has several days in between shows I wonder if he stays in one city or the other for a few days.  Anyone know?  I'm wondering because he'll be in Baltimore on June 12th.  Two days later Ringo will be in Baltimore.  It would be so FAB if Paul stuck around and came to Ringo's concert.  I can dream can't I?  Perhaps some of the band members  might stick around to see Ringo???

      He doesn't stay in the city he just played. He goes back to "base camp" either in NYC or LA (whichever is closer to his next gig) 

      That's not very ecological. I think...

      Neither is the private jet he uses, but he wants to go "Home" after each concert if he has a day or two break between shows

      I can understand that. For a little rest with his family. But still.  

      I remember way back in 1993 when he played the then Blockbuster Pavilion that was broadcast live on Fox being surprised when the Charlotte Observer ran a photo of him and Linda checking into some small,  charming hotel in uptown Charlotte. In those pre-internet days, a number of fans found out and mobbed the place. I have the clipped photo in a box upstairs. I felt sort of cheated out as I had come back home for the show and was staying at my parent's house nearby (both now long gone and missed) and would have loved to have been there with the fans .  According to Beatlefan at that time as I recall, mostly on that tour he did stay at a "base camp" but think that was an exception for Charlotte probably due to TV preparation.  As Nancy,  says, probably still the case

      I live in Charlotte NC and was at that show, it had the infamous "Robbie's Bit" - lol. Anyway, that day at noon went to pick up my tickets at the box office (lawn seats) and as I was leaving the venue I looked at the stage area and sure enough it was Paul & Linda talking to a couple of guys. Paul was wearing a print shirt/shorts with sandals and Linda was wearing sun dress. It was a very hot day in Charlotte and was thrilled when the sun went down at the concert.They were not there long and wished I had good camera/lens but oh well. I wonder what the hotel was since at that time uptown Charlotte was not very built up.

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        Regarding Wichita, he flew in, went to the show, and flew back out. He never went to a hotel. I was at the airport both times.

        You saw him at the airport coming & going?!