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      Once upon a time

      imaginary world

      ghost in a suit of lights

      dream of life

      imaginary girl

      fairy dust

      maiden flight

      splendour in the grass

      on a midsummer harmony

      parsifal and picnic wine

      dover pastoral watercolour hillside

      lovecraft voyage symphony

      windswept meadowland reverie

      delighted sleeping cymbeline

      the merry pixie queen

      in the court of the monarchy

      lighthouse odyssey

      trapped once by starlight

      ghost in the machine

      ode to tiny cymbeline

      twinkle twinkle wishing starbright

      in the court of the menagerie

      farewell sweet little wing rhapsody

      she's sailing

      as high as a kite

      moth to a flame

      imaginary life

      shine a light

      shine a light

      shine a light