A VERY Happy 80th Birthday to PAUL!! (on June 18th)


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      We all LOVE you, and best wishes as you have been on this earth for 8 decades!!

      Much happiness to you!!          

        Whether you are in NYC or back in the U.K., you are probably asleep right now. I hope you awaken to have a wonderful 80th birthday celebration with family and friends! 🎂🎁🎉🥳

        Just saw Sean Lennon's present to you:


          Mathew St. in Liverpool renamed for Paul's 80th

            Happy birthday Paul! I hope you have an amazing day! 

              Happy birthday Paul!! 🥳😘 I hope you have a wonderful day and furthermore I hope you will be able  to keep doing the things you love to do in good health! Cheers to your 80th birthday!

                Happy Birthday Sir Paul,

                We will celebrate your day in song as we do most often throughout the year. We love you, man!

                 Wishing you happy and healthy days ahead, along with much magic in the studio. Cheers!


                  The Happiest of Birthdays to you, Paul!

                  you are the coolest, hippest, and definitely most Fab 80 year old in the world. Thank you for all the wonderful music you have gifted to us over the years--keep on rockin'!

                  Happy Birthday!! 🎉🎂🎶

                    "They say it's your birthday,well it's not my birthday too, yeah!,,l

                    ITS YOURS


                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


                    Thanks for the Got Back tour!

                        'They say its your Birthday'   want to wish Sir Paul a very happy 80th Birthday. Hope you have a fantastic day !

                        Happy birthday Paul!  You are a model of how to age gracefully and remain true to doing what you love.


                          Happy Happy Birthday!

                          May be a cartoon of cake, balloon and text that says 'HaPPy 80 HAPPY BIRTHDAY'

                            Happy birthday Mr.McCartney:)

                            Seize your day:)

                              Elvis Costello Birthday Present:


                                Happiest of Birthdays to you, Paul!   Even though this is a milestone year, 80 is just a number, you'll always be our sweet Beatle boy.   Because of the wonderful example you and Linda have given us about going veggie and eating healthy, you're much healthier and physically fit than most people your age so will continue to write songs and make music for many days to come. 

                                (Photo of "Super Paul" after eating his spinach!)

                                We love you and wish you a blessed day with your family and loved ones.  


                                   Wherever you are,  you are always in my heart:

                                           Happy birthday Paul

                                    Happy Birthday, Paul. There are times I get a bit irked by some things he does or wonder if a rockstar is really worthy of the adulation and reward heaped upon him, but this tour reaffirmed for me why he’s deserving — the joy he brings so many people is unrivaled, and especially at this time I know I’m not alone in how much I needed it. This tour also reaffirmed for me that he does what he does just because he loves it, yet also goes above and beyond to give extra to the fans, and those of us who were following him on this tour know what I mean. Thank you Paul for being my inspiration for three decades. Love you.

                                      Happy Birthday to Paul, and wishing  great health and happiness for the years to come.

                                        Oobu24 will love this one!

                                          ^ Love his 76 period! Thanks!


                                            Mary McCartney