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      Midnight lantern kerosene flame bale of hay tobacco road

      the headless horseman rides ichabod crane thief in the night

      pony express carry the news to garrett's farm

      whisper sic semper tyrannis derringer invictus murder most foul

      yet no one was saved one hundred years of solitude

      and the soldier of fortune in a farewell to arms

      he blew his mind out in a lonesome duluth barn

      and when we head east we will find all the stars 'n' stripes capsized

      lady of the lamp blinded by the light interstellar overdrive

      gone like the wind riders on the storm time out of mind

      home on the range master of war burn down the mission

      heart of darkness guernica apocalypse

      scarlett she's masked and anonymous like a ball and chain

      in a simple twist of fate tumbleweed junction sutter's mill

      fool's gold train robbery eureka

      spend every grain of sand

      black saddle bad company

      horses run free horses run wild

      chariot of fire fairground carousel

      lazy riverboat gallows pole

      confederate manifesto antebellum inferno

      wagon wheel spinning lovecraft time machine

      falstaff roll the stone water turns to wine river runs dry

      purple sage in the sky

      stranger in a strange land ulysses' last stand

      home of the brave call of the wild

      mustang GTO baby, let's make the great escape

      coyote cry