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      On Jeopardy tonight:

      This 2015 Rock Hall inductee: “We came back to Liverpool, and there was a knock on my door. The drummer wasn’t well and would I sit in?”

      ”Who is Ringo Starr?” (The guy who has been winning all the money - over $1 million so far - got it)

        On MacGyver last night, they were in Rio at the soccer stadium Estadio Escanso. One of the characters says “All the greats played here - Neymar, Reynaldo, Messi.” Another character adds “McCartney, Madonna, Bieber.” 

          Family Guy April 29, 2019

          Lois goes on a de-cluttering binge until there’s nothing left in their house.

          She says: That de-cluttering thing was nice for awhile, but I definitely went overboard.

          Peter says: On the bright side, our sparse white living room looks like the John Lennon & Yoko Ono “Imagine” living room!

          (they then show Peter at the white piano with Lois at his side) 

          Peter says: We can’t afford “Imagine” so just imagine this is “Imagine.” He begins singing to the tune of “Camptown Races”:

          ”Boop Boop Diddy Dee Dee Dee, Imagine, Imagine. No religion, nothing matters, everything is bad!”  😂

            On Entertainment Tonight they were showing them tearing down the sets of The Big Bang Theory and one of the hosts noticed and remarked “They’re playing The Beatles song Help! in the background!” 

              Jeopardy category tonight: Beatles Songs By Lyric

              The 3 contestants were terrible! They kept adding words to the title, like “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends” or leaving words off: “Love” instead of “All You Need Is Love.” They managed to somehow get “Back In The U.S.S.R.” and “Lovely Rita, “ but said “Baby You Can Drive My Car” and Alex Trebek said that was correct!! Then after that the judges decided that even though they added words to WALHFMF, they gave the guy the points! Jeez! 

                On the British HBO comedy special “My Dad Wrote A Porno” the son is reading the very bad, but hysterical book. (I laughed so hard I cried!) There are 2 other comedians giving commentary.

                ”Suddenly the girls heard the sound of the Regional Sales Managers.” 

                Comedian James Cooper says “It’s like The Beatles have arrived!”

                ”Dave Wilcox.”  (The reader says - “The Ringo of the group.” because he doesn’t get near as much applause as the other 3 when he reads their names!)


                  An American Idol contestant sang Hey Jude last night, and contestants from The Voice 

                  will be singing Beatle songs tonight.

                    On Jeopardy, the category was “Add Some Consonants.” The answer was, “A John Lennon classic:  IAIE.” They correctly answered, “What is Imagine?” 

                      BTS played at the Ed Sullivan Theatre on Wednesday night. Stephan Colbert played Ed Sullivan! 

                      Check out this video.



                        Meet the BTS: Group Reenacts 1964 Beatlemania With Stephen Colbert as Ed Sullivan (Watch)

                          oobu24 wrote:

                          BTS played at the Ed Sullivan Theatre on Wednesday night. Stephan Colbert played Ed Sullivan! 

                          Check out this video.


                          OMG, that was so funny!! 😂

                            Stephen Colbert had the cast of The Big Bang Theory on last night. He asked them when they knew the show was really a hit. The guy who played Howard said that during the 2nf season when they were in Mexico at the airport and people started running after them. Colbert says, “Like the Beatles?!” 

                            Tonight on the special “Meghan & Harry Plus One” they were talking about how Meghan is getting the “Yoko Ono” treatment (as if she’s breaking up the relationship between William & Harry)  They showed a photo of Yoko, John and Paul. 

                              On James Corden’s primetime carpool karaoke special with Celine Dion, he also repeated quite a bit of Paul’s carpool karaoke in Liverpool. 

                                Word puzzle on Wheel Of Fortune last night... STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER

                                Paul was mentioned friday in a category about lefthanded people.

                                  On Jeopardy, the category was “Famous Lefties.”

                                  Answer: He played the classic bass lines for “Michelle” and “Paperback Writer” as a lefty.

                                   James H. correctly said “Who is Paul McCartney?”

                                    Another Jeopardy one. The category was Year’s Biggest Hit Songs - for $800:  1976:  You’d think that people would’ve had enough of this Wings tune.

                                    James H. (Who was born in 1985) got it right - What is Silly Love Songs?

                                      Jeopardy once more! Book Titles for $800:  The title of this ‘70s Stephen King novel was inspired by a line in the chorus of John Lennon’s “Instant Karma.” 

                                      James H. got it right:  What is The Shining?”

                                        On the new AMC show NOS4A2 (Nosferatu) this guy was playing a guitar and singing Here Comes The Sun. 

                                          On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, he was showing the Democratic candidates in Iowa and the songs that were played when they were introduced to give their speeches. Bernie Sanders came on to “Power To The People!”  (I wonder if he had to get Yoko’s permission?)

                                            Danny Boyle (director) and actors Himesh Patel and Lily James were on The Graham Norton Show last night discussing the movie “Yesterday” and Himesh played and sang a bit of it with the guitar he first uses in the movie.  Danny Boyle said that securing the rights to use about 20 Beatles songs was the 2nd highest amount he had ever spent on a movie. ($10 million) #1 was Leonardo Dicaprio’s salary in The Beach in 2000 ($20 million!)