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      dirkmcquickly wrote:

      Watching the film That'll be the day at the moment, from 1973. It contains the best acting ever from any Beatle. Sir Ringo is so believable, recreating part of his pre-Beatle life as a holiday camp attendant. 

      I've seen it - thought I had the VHS or DVD. Might have it recorded off TV or my friend might have burned me a copy. Ringo is good in it! 

        On DC: Legends Of Tomorrow yesterday. To preface this, their spaceship has landed in a trash dump. 

        Nate says to Charlie (a female): Okay, I know you think free will is a bad, scary thing. So we did a little dumpster diving to give you some counterpoints. (he whips out The White Album) Two words: The Beatles! Alright, they taught an entire generation that even during war and tragedy we can still make beauty.

        Charlie: Whilst also inspiring Charles Manson to commit some of the most brutal murders in history. Also, they let Ringo sing a song about an octopus!

        Nate: Dammit!

        Gary brings out a 45 record: Two words: Octopus's Garden!

        Charlie: Gary, no!

          Was watching the movie Almost Famous on TV. The young journalist says to the band Stillwater, "You're going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone!" One of the band members says "When I first bought the magazine The Beatles were on the cover! The Beatles - the four of them. Four of us!" 

            On the series finale of Blindspot (7/23) in the beginning they played a cover version of Tomorrow Never Knows, and at the end, a cover version of Dear Prudence. 


              NCIS: LOS ANGELES - PRO SE - OCTOBER 28, 2018 S10/E5 - CBS (repeated on USA Cable)

              DANIELA RUAH who plays KENSIE BLYE is wearing a prison guard uniform to help out a prisoner.

              The name tag on Kensi's prison guard uniform is McCARTNEY

                On NCIS tonight there was a flashback to 1980 where the bad guy is interrogating young Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon's real son!) The guy says "What did my cousin Ringo say before he died?" Dr. Mallard ("Ducky," played by David McCallum of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. '60s show) who had also been captured says, "The only Ringo I know is the one who wrote Octopus's Garden." 

                  Jan. 8th Jeopardy (Alex Trebek's last show)

                  Category: Hit Songs (for $2000)

                  This 1969 song that mentions "Joo Joo Eyeball" and "Toe Jam Football" started out as a campaign song for Timothy Leary.

                  The guy answered "What is I Am The Walrus?"

                  Neither of the other two players even guessed!  Of course we all know the answer "What is Come Together?" 😂


                    Jeopardy Jan. 11th

                    Category: Knights

                    For services to music this Beatle was Knighted in 2018.

                    Young woman says "Who is Paul McCartney?"

                    Ken Jennings, who is now guest hosting, told her, no Paul was knighted earlier than that. 

                    Young guy rings in and after a second realizes the answer has to be the only other living Beatle, Ringo Starr! 


                      Commercial on TV for Mercari (Your Marketplace) uses a cover of Hello Goodbye.

                        On To Tell The Truth, host Anthony Anderson remarks that contestant #3 looks like he could be Ringo Starr's grandson. Then at the end, when he turns out to be the guy telling the truth about being a pancake artist (makes celebrity faces on pancakes) Anthony asked him if he decided to do that when he found out he didn't have a Beatle connection. 

                          Jeopardy: "1961" for $800

                          February - The Beatles are paid 5 pounds (total) for their first show at the Cavern Club in this city.

                          The one older contestant got it right away: "What is Liverpool?" 

                            An ad on TV for Adobe plays a cover version of "All Together Now." 

                              Jeopardy: How Deep Is Your Love for $800

                              Maybe a love that lasts as long as that of this Beatle and wife Barbara Bach, who have been married almost 40 years

                              Guy answered right away: Who is Ringo Starr?

                                Jeopardy: Title instruments for $400

                                While My _____ Gently Weeps by the Beatles.

                                Guy got it: What is guitar? 

                                  Jeopardy category was Reese's Pieces Of Literature ( Books selected by Reese Witherspoon's book club) for $1200:

                                  Reese picked "The Giver Of Stars" by this woman who got the name JoJo from the Beatles' song "Get Back"

                                  Nobody got the answer:

                                  Who is JoJo Moyes? 


                                    "Road" for $1200

                                    The Beatles last topped the singles charts in 1970 with this song; it "leads you to your door"

                                    Older guy answered right away, "What is The Long And Winding Road?"


                                      Record Collection for $800

                                      This Beatles album on whose cover John is wearing white and Paul is barefoot.

                                      What is Abbey Road? (youngish woman got it) 


                                        Real Life Cartoon Characters for $400

                                        The four lads sing as themselves, but others do their speaking voices in this 1968 animated film.

                                        The guy got it right: What is Yellow Submarine?


                                          #1 Lyrics for $800

                                          In a Beatles song, this 2-word title precedes "don't make it bad." 

                                          Thankfully guy got it right: What is Hey Jude?

                                            Dana Carvey does impressions of Ringo, Paul and George in this segment from his interview on  Stephen Colbert's Late Show.(starts at 1:46) At the end Colbert mentions he's seen 8 hours of footage from Peter Jackson's Get Back film and loved it.