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      I'm binge-watching "Van Helsing" on Netflix (Season 5 is on the SyFy channel right now) 

      The show is about a vampire "apocalypse" and Vanessa Van Helsing who can turn vampires back to human if she bites them. One character (Julius) who she turned back to human is standing and basking in the sun. This other character, impatient to get going, says "If you break out into Here Comes The Sun, I'm gonna leave your ass behind!" 😂

        On Jeopardy, answer was: 

        Let me hear the 3 strings of this triangular Russian instrument ringing out - come and keep your comrade warm.

        What is the balalaika? (she got it) 

          Jeopardy  Pop Culture Priests for $800:

          In The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" he is "writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear."

          Who is Father McKenzie?

          (youngish woman got it right)

            Nancy R wrote:

            Jeopardy  Pop Culture Priests for $800:

            In The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" he is "writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear."

            Who is Father McKenzie?

            (youngish woman got it right)

            Cool catch NancyR

              love2travel wrote:

              Nancy R wrote:

              Jeopardy  Pop Culture Priests for $800:

              In The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" he is "writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear."

              Who is Father McKenzie?

              (youngish woman got it right)

              Cool catch NancyR

              I love Jeopardy and watch it M-F and I swear, at least once a week there's a Beatles reference! 

                Jeopardy May 6th

                ON BASS for $200

                60 Gold records aside, this lefty from Liverpool failed his choirboy audition at the city's Anglican Cathedral.

                (Of course!) Who is Paul McCartney? (she got it right) 

                  Jeopardy May 10th 

                  Music for $800

                  John Lennon on this hit. "The whole Beatle thing was just beyond comprehension...subconsciously I was crying for" it. 

                  What is Help? (woman got it)

                    On The Goldbergs May 12th, Adam Goldberg is trying to find a prom date for his best friend. He goes up to one girl and says "You know, Dave Kim, moptop like a Beatle?" 

                      Watching 48 Hours about an old guy named Forrest Fenn who around 2010 buried a (literal) treasure of gold coins, etc., then wrote a poem as a "treasure map" for people to try to find it. Each summer they would have a "Fennboree" where Fenn and all the treasure hunters would meet up. One gut said "I described it like meeting a Beatle!"

                      P.S. Five men died looking for the treasure (Drowned, fell off cliff, hypothermia, etc) but he refused to call off the hunt. Then in 2018 someone found it in Wyoming and a few months later Fenn died at age 90. The exact location has still not been revealed for fear of tourists ruining the natural beauty of the place. 

                        NCIS: New Orleans series finale 5/23/21

                        They were discussing 3 suspects, one who they had already captured and interrogated, but he wouldn't say anything. 

                        They were at the computer and the one character shows the photos of them and says "You already know Stuart Hendricks, the Quiet Beatle." 


                          The final Jeopardy question had to do with music and geography and mentioned "Maggie May" - the answer was Botany Bay (apparently that was where Maggie ended up, the penal colony in Australia) Wikipedia doesn't mention that, but talks about the Beatles spelling it Mae and Rod Stewart using Maggie May for his (different) song. 


                            Watched the Friends reunion last night on HBO Max. The producers were talking about when the cast was out in public together (like at the Grammys) One said "It's like the Beatles were there!"


                              Grammy-Winning Directors for $800

                              "Eight Days A Week," a documentary about the Beatles, earned this "Apollo 13" director his first Grammy.

                              NOBODY KNEW IT!!! 

                              Who is Ron Howard? (I'm screaming at the TV!) 😂

                                Jeopardy Behind The Song for $600

                                The title of Julian Lennon's drawing of classmate Lucy became this song.

                                She correctly answered "What is Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds?" 

                                  Jeopardy Heir Guitar for $400

                                  (they showed a photo of Dhani and Paul onstage from The Concert for George and the clue was just read aloud)

                                  Playing with this Beatles' son Dhani, Paul McCartney repeated the line "It looks like he stayed young and we all got old!"

                                  She got it: Who is Harrison? 

                                  The reason they said "repeated" was because Paul said it first privately to Olivia and asked her if it would be okay for him to repeat it to the audience. 

                                    Last night on Celebrity Family Feud, the one side was Ryan Tedder and his band One Republic. The host Steve Harvey mentioned that Ryan was a record producer of Paul McCartney's (and named other musicians)


                                      Weather Songs for $800

                                      The Beatles rejoiced "Good day" this and then rested "beneath a shady tree." 

                                      What is sunshine?

                                      (she got it right) 

                                        Jeopardy Masked Musician for $800

                                        Despite what he sang in "Glass Onion" he was the walrus playing piano in the "Magical Mystery Tour" film.

                                        Who is John Lennon? 

                                        (they got it) 

                                          Jeopardy Sing Out for $1000

                                          "We can" do this "and get it straight or say goodnight" sang the Beatles in a 1966 #1 hit.

                                          What is We Can Work It Out? 

                                          (guy got it) 

                                            Huge Beatles section on Jeopardy 7/29/21

                                            The categories were: Name That Beatles Tune, Help!, Here, There & Everywhere, Something, Let "It" Be and Hello, Goodbye. Only the 1st category required any Beatles knowledge. 

                                            $1000: "I read the news today, oh boy. About a lucky man who made the grade" (A Day In the Life - the Champ got it) 

                                            $800:  "I think I'm gonna be sad, I think it's today. The girl that's driving me mad is going away" (Ticket To Ride - the Champ got it)

                                            $600: "They've been going in and out of style, but they're guaranteed to raise a smile" (SPLHCB - Nobody got it!)

                                            $400:  "All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?" (Eleanor Rigby - the Champ got it)

                                            $200:  "Well, the Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the west behind & Moscow girls make me scream & shout" (Back In The U.S.S.R. - the Champ got it)

                                            This guy is on like a 5 or 6 day winning streak and has made a bunch of $. The internet is buzzing about him because he answers everything "What's..." even when it should be "Who's..."  It's really weird that they let him get away with it.