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      Beatles-adjacent: On Jeopardy. Famous Moms for $400

      Of Sean Lennon

      Who is Yoko Ono? (of course)

      The 10-day champion of course answers in his weird way "What's Ono?" 

        On the show The Chase, the question was "A dingo is an Australian dog, Ringo is a Beatle and what is a pingo?" (they give you 3 multiple choice answers) The guy got it right - it is a dome-shaped hill. 

          Jeopardy 9/21/21

          Penny Ante for $200

          Inspired at a bus stop, this 1967 song refers to sights and characters on a street in Liverpool.

          The champ, Matt Amodio, got it right: What is Penny Lane?

            Family Guy Sun. Oct. 3rd

            The guys go into a record store called "All Sales Are Vinyl"

            There is a (drawing) poster on the wall that says The Beatles and 1967 drawings of Paul and John. 

            They start talking about the beginnings of different groups and it segues into stories where Peter & his friends play the members of the groups. The first story is about the Doors. The friend playing Ray Manzarek introduces his girlfriend "Yoko O-yes" 😂 She tells them she will always be respectful and never come to their recording sessions and sit on their amps. 

            At the end, Peter says, "Well, I can't think of a better way to end our visit than by remembering the four lads who started a band in 1962 and changed the world forever." 

            At the same time:

            Quagmire: "John, Paul, George & Ringo!"

            Peter: "Steve, Dal, Bob & Robin!"

            Quagmire: "Who?"

            Peter: "The Trashmen!"

            Cut to The Trashmen singing "Everybody's heard about the bird..." (the song is a running gag on the show)



              Jeopardy 10/21/21

              Songs for $1200

              This band: "Number 9...Number 9...Number 9..." It goes on like that for a while.

              The reigning champion got it correct: Who are the Beatles? 


                Songs to Jingles for $200

                "All You Need Is Luvs" in a commercial for these.

                (Obviously) What are diapers?