Paul, on your next tour, please come to ____________ .


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Posted by Walt


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      Hi Everybody

      I thought I would start another thread for fans that want Paul to come to their hometowns or countries on his next tour, hopefully in 2008.

      I hope he come to Philadelphia again because I love seeing him in concert. He's the BEST.

      Tom McDonnell

        Auburn Hills, Michigan!
        He did 2 shows here last time (2005)

        (and your Red Wing sticker)

          Budapest, Hungary

            Ottawa, Ontario

              Pakenam, Victoria, Australia...

              I have a nice courtyard he set up the band in and we could cater for about a 200 capacity crowd, 150 if we set up the BBQ...

              C'mon Paul! Back To Oz man! We love ya, knackers !!!

                Philadelphia! Philadelphia! Philadelphia!

                  Pittsburgh !!!!!!

                  it's been 17 years since he's been here.. and I was only 4 yrs old then so it's not like i even remember! LOL

                    my house

                      Buffalo, NY

                        DCBeatle64:my house

                        Paul is always welcome here, too.

                        Seriously, Denver.

                          DCBeatle64:my house

                          I second that!
                          San Fran, or San Jose.
                          Eureka CA would be much closer - but I'm willing to go to great lengths for you Paul


                            DCBeatle64:my house

                            Paul is always welcome here, too.

                            Seriously, Denver.

                            Same here, little village in Hungary, less than an hour's drive from Budapest.

                              indio, california

                              where's that? you ask...it's where they have the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival...

                              come on Paul..don't let the desert heat scare you off..


                                  North Wales!

                                    Somewhere in Germany. Cologne or something in that region what is reachable for me! ops: ops: No, I'm not egoistic!!!

                                      I wonder if he's ever been to Maine... it would be awesome for him to go there, but I can't think of anywhere he can perform except for my hometown. But Boston is close enough so I can see him if I get tickets and if he even tours there.

                                        Austin, texas all the way!!!! that would be so cool, ive never seen paul in real life! the crowd would be awesome, man i can imagine that!

                                          Belgium please