MESSAGE FROM PAUL - 17.02.2005


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      MESSAGE FROM PAUL - 17.02.2005

      MESSAGE FROM PAUL - 17.02.2005
      Hi friendly Webbers!

      Paul here. Just got back from the Superbowl where we had a super time and shortly we will be featuring on the website Paul Freundlich’s (our US publicist) diary of the Superbowl as it happened from his point of view. So watch this space!

      You may have heard that recently I decided to speak out against members of the media, whose inaccurate stories had, over recent years, hurt Heather and I and the family so much. My article was posted on Heather’s website and in case you missed it, will shortly be appearing here on my website.

      Meanwhile thanks to the many thousands of you who wrote in supporting us. It is really great to see how the real fans feel about the rubbish that appears in some of the media from time to time.

      My plans for the year include finishing off an all new studio album which I’m excited about and making plans for an American tour which will run from September 16th through till November 30th this year.

      Thanks for your support.

      All the best,