which Beatles song describes you?


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      For me

      "Hey Bulldog"
      (that is a Beatles song, right? one of the minor lesser known ones)
      I don't really look like a bulldog though, just fearing I might later on, some of the older ladies on my father's side of the family started to resemble bulldogs (LOL) but they were nice. I still got a baby face, looks pretty sometimes (not first thing in the a.m. LOL)

      I wanted to say "Sexy Sadie" but that's only true some of the time and not that big a portion of the time

        Yes, Hey Bulldog is a Beatles song. on the yellow submarine album (not so sure about the yellow submarine soundtrack though...) you might not rember it so well since I think that was the song was taken out of the original US or UK release, cant rember which one...( I think it was the UK edition)

        if any song would represent me (personality wise), id have to say "while my guitar gently weeps". its always a song I mention and in some ways, live with. and no I haven't been "brought and sold" and don't wish to be either.

        there are 3 different versions, The original white album version, the anthology 3 version and the love version ( ok well the love version just has a string part added to the anthology 3 version but its still different.)

        the original is more of a rock, blues style while the anthology is a much sadder, acoustic version where I find more raw emotion. I find myself to relate both to these styles.

        ive also had said in the Paul lyrics appreciation thread that I find myself relating to fool on the hill, which I do but to be completely honest, I just always look back to this song to explain myself.

        for physical appearance id say " Im So Tired"

          Interesting, Ringo...you made me realize I'm also a combo of "Fool on the Hill" and Lennon's "Nowhere Man."
          "Knows not where he's going to" or "she's going to" in my case.

          While My Guitar Gently Sleeps is gorgeous stripped down acoustic as well as the other version. I can relate to some of those lyrics, too.
          "Yer Blues" by Lennon, your mentioning "I'm so Tired" made me think I relate so much to both that, and to "Yer Blues." The Beatles songs can really address the human condition or predicament. Universal (not "generic") in their applications and concerns, yet expressed with such idiosyncratic brilliance. Unique.

            now that I think about it more, there are quite a lot of songs people could use to explain them selves alone... though I think if I was in a death situation where I had to name a song that resembles me, id sill probably say While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

            it might take me a long long time to get a complete analysis of myself so im not going to try at the moment because I have a history essay to finish. yaaaaaay.....

              It was the U.S. version that Hey Bulldog was removed from, but replaced for the Bluray version released a couple years ago.

              My song is "I'm Only Sleeping" I'm like John--love to sleep late!

                I'll Follow The Sun
                Sooooo beautiful - I adore the harmonies and when I was living in France I went to The Olympia in Paris and Paul sang this amongst others and it epitomised being back in the UK and meant everything to me at the time.

                  I could sing "I'm Looking Through You" to a few people right now :

                    I've Got A Feeling

                      help! (my neighbors suck!)

                        Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

                          kapoo:Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

                          Care to elaborate kapoo?

                            The Ballad of John and Yoko

                              The right woman is hard to find.

                              Which is why I think one of the greatest lyrics of all time - Beatles or non-Beatles - belongs to "Old Brown Shoe":

                              "I want a short haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long"

                              (Because it's pretty easy to find a long haired girl who wears it half as long)

                              Brilliant, underrated lyric.

                                Nancy R:

                                kapoo:Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

                                Care to elaborate kapoo?

                                I like to think its more of a vibe thing, but to some extent the lyrics. I mean I'm all about being myself and I think thats what the lyric is mostly about. Everybody has something to hide except me and my various 'monkey's'. I'm happy to tell people all about my proverbial monkeys if they care to know plus that damn music rocks and is so loony, I totally strive to achieve that musically. I've always loved that song. the White Album is my fav album, and thats prob my fav song on it.

                                plus I didn't give the question all that much serious thought, this song just immediately popped into mind.

                                  Don't Bother Me

                                    I'm a loser.

                                    all of it
                                    but esp "although i laugh and i act like a clown, beneath this mask i am wearing a frown"

                                    with a bit of I'm only sleeping thrown in

                                      I'm So Tired

                                        Because... I really love the harmonies


                                          Nowhere Man

                                            Fool on the Hill! "He never listens to them, he knows that they're the fools" (of course, that's not to say my judgments on that score are always right, lol).