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      I just feel that Macca & Harrison's 8 cuts are perfect on this album and the only 2 Lennon cuts that measure up are "I'm Only Sleeping" and "Tomorrow Never Knows". Caveat on those 2:

      "I'm Only Sleeping" - Harrison "backwards" guitar solo is what makes this song
      "Tomorrow Never Knows" - the tape loops & drumming pattern were Macca's ideas

        Revolver is my absolute favorite Beatles album!! It's on my "desert island list."

          Yep. Revolver is one of my favourites. 2 reasons. 1. its the first time the Beatles really really tried to innovate in the studio ( My opinion anyway...) 2. THEY WERE CUTE LITTLE BOYS STILL!!!

          Ok of course its mainly because of the innovation in the studio, Hear me out, but I think its better than Sgt pepper. I think its the fact ive listened to Sgt pepper quite a lot so that may make Revolver better but even so, ive listened to revolver even more than sgt pepper and yeah, its still my favourite of the 2... I still thank sgt pepper for changing the face of music though. ( even though if SMiLE was released, that would of DOMINATED I just know it)

          I think revolver is very underrated sadly... maybe not as innovative as SMiLE though
          Sorry for sort of changing topic here but the innovation from SMiLE is just... I cant even explain it. if I could create something that has the same musicianship, I think I would be complete.

          Gotta make my post relevant again so... Quick fact!!!
          Paul knows how to rock the celery on Vega-Tables! Im not even joking...